Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rediscovering God In America, By Newt Gingrich

This book offers a glimpse of the rich spiritual legacy of America by guiding readers through the national monuments of Washington D.C. The pages are filled with interesting facts about some of the most influential leaders of American history. It reveals a common belief in and a reliance on The Almighty God that has held America together.
The easy to read format, applicable and insightful quotes of national leaders and heroes combined with artistic and beautiful photography bring history to life for the reader. It reawakens a spirit of patriotism while causing one to reflect on the very undeniable fingerprints of God on the framing of our Nation. One can not deny after reviewing this book that the chief cornerstone of this nation was in fact Our Lord. Once read one can not help but wonder why America is choosing to leave and bury such a rich spiritual legacy in the dust of history books and forgotten documents.
This book is very well-written. It is engaging enough for even the youngest audience to enjoy. The information and quotes are presented in a format that makes it easy to understand. I will be using it with our history home school curriculum. I would highly recommend this book for anyone interested in discovering the rich and often untapped spiritual legacy of America and her great leaders.

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