Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Love of Her Own, Maggie Brandan

A unique love story. I found this book a little difficult to get into at first because the main character, April, is generally not like-able. She is a very spoiled, me-centered, prideful, arrogant person. However, it does not take long to see the influence that Godly people can have on a life just by living next to them. No one preaches a sermon to April, but rather a cast of characters lives out Christ in their lives all around her. Eventually her heart is turned toward God - and she in turn has a life change. As a reader you are drawn into April's world and invited to experience a life transformation with her. This book shows what God can do with a person willing to bend under his touch as He transforms April into an other-centered, sacrificial giving, open hearted, tender, loving person and a woman of outstanding character and faith. In the midst of all this a love story unfolds between her and a man that would before never have been considered.
Thank you Revel and Baker House Publishing for this review copy. Pick up your copy of this most wonderful book at your nearest christian book store for a good read.

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