Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stumbling Souls, Chris Plankenpol

Astounding account of walking on water, crossing the Stumbling Souls, Chris Plankenpol
Jordan faith in action! If a Christian can read this book without the soul being stirred to some action I would question if that one has not left his first love or even known him at all. Chris gives a powerful testimony of living in total abandonment and leadership of Christ. True faith in action and the power of God unleashed in the life of total surrender, absolutely life-changing and faith challenging.
This book follows the true story as told by Chris himself as he is moved by the spirit to take in a homeless man and minister to him. It is the powerful account of a good Samaritan of modern time and the life changing effects that happen. Absolutely a stunning story of God’s unfolding , life-changing power when he is given full authority of a believer. A true example of Jesus Others Yourself.
Thank you B&B Communication for this book to review.

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