Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun For the Whole Family Hour

This is an excellent program for the entire family. I was very impressed by the entire program. The price makes this very economical to put on even for the small church. If your church used Groups High Seas Expidition this ties in well, as it uses much of the same music and decorations. I agreed to review this thinking that it was for individual family use, however I was delighted to find out it was a family based worship experience for the church. I did review this with my children as part of homeschool and they enjoyed the video clips and map. They all thought it was exciting and fun. We are planning an event in November at our church and are expecting a good group. I am very glad to see programs that are like a mini-VBS for families. Many churches have programs for children, youth, young adults, senior adults, women, men, mothers, ect. However, there are few programs for the entire family. I think this is an excellent opportunity for a church to present something for the entire family - this is the best worship experience: Searching God's word as a family and as a family growing closer to God.
Thank you B&B Publishing for the opportunity to review such an wonderful church resource. I am anxious to see what Group does in the months to come to promote family worship experiences.

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