Monday, October 18, 2010

God Chicks and the Men They love, Holly & Phillip Wagner

I loved Holly's book Warrior Chicks and found this one to be equally good. The style of writing is relaxed making this an easy and enjoyable read. The candid sense of humor and personality that both Holly and Phillip show in this book make it seem personable. This is a book that gives a glimpse into a man's world and advice based on scripture as to how to meet the needs of our men. A team effort of this couple pays off - in the fact that as a woman you are getting biblical advice from another women with the added benefit of the thoughts of her man. A great book for married women to read - sometimes we forget to embrace the uniqueness of our husbands and instead of being a support or encourager of their dreams and desires we are the ones that tear them down without realizing what we have done. IF you are looking for a relaxed, easy reading book filled with down-to-earth humor and absolute candidness this is the book for you.
Thank you Regal Publishing for this review copy.

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