Monday, October 18, 2010

The Strategically Small Church, Brandon O'Brian

This is a book that should be placed in every Pastor's would even be beneficial for other church leaders such as deacons to read. An excellent resource and encouragement to the Pastor that has felt the pressure of the "Numbers Game". This book exposes with grace and understanding the lie that has been fed to so many church leaders. This lie is that success is numerical growth in the church. This has so saturated the religious world that authentic worship and discipleship has been left to the side. In fact many churches are being run dry financially by trying to achieve greatness in number instead of embracing their own identity in Christ. I think this book does a fantastic job of teaching that each church has areas that God has gifted them in and that they should pursue excellence in those areas to best achieve the kingdom work in their area. After reading this book I began to closely look at our own church and the unique gift of fellowship that our church has - our members genuinely care about others, they have a servant heart and a desire to see children and families experience the Divine presence of the tender Savior. This book would be an encouragement for any Pastor feeling this pressure or on that is on the edge of being "burned out".
Thank you Bethany House for this review copy I truly enjoyed the biblical truths presented within its covers.

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