Thursday, November 25, 2010

Church + Home, Mark Holmen

If you are familiar at all with Mark Holmen you will love this book. I think it should be in the hand of every Pastor, Sunday School teacher, children's worker and youth worker. Mark Holmen addresses the crisis facing our families - the area that the enemy has effectively attacked and rendered paralyzed: Spiritual training at home.

Through all his resources Mark Holmen's goal remains the same: encourage and equip parents to live out a vibrant and active faith at home. In this book he endeavors to encourage the church in "training" up spiritual champion parents. To help the church work with and teach parents how to make their homes the primary source of faith and nurture in the Lord.

The tools presented in this book are effective and practical and most of all they are biblical based. After reading this book the church will want to invest in his other Faith@Home resources.

This book is short enough to read in one or two settings. Though I found that it is one worth revisiting. My copy is marked up and has many bookmarks for good ideas and useful things - as well as areas I need to work on.

I have his other material and must say all of it works well together. Mark Holmen truly has a heart for the family.

Thank you Regal for this review copy.

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