Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Focus on the Family Marriage Series - bible studies

The Focus on the Family Marriage Series is a great way to begin a ministry to married couples or to strengthen your own marriage through bible studies. The seven four-week bible studies cover the "hot" topics of marriage addressing head on the thoughts of todays culture in contrast to the truths of the God's word. Each weekly session is designed to take about 45 minutes. The weekly study is divided into four comprehensive areas: (1)Tilling the Ground: an introduction to the topic with commentary and discussion questions to help you focus clearly on the main idea; (2)Planting the seed:the bible study portion where the participant reads scripture related to the topics then answer questions designed to help the individual to internalize the scripture and apply it to their lives, (3) Watering the Hope: a time for discussion and prayer; (4) Harvesting the Fruit: This part offers suggestions of how to put what has been learned into action - this section is very neat. The challenge is to live out what has been learned.

Each session can be divided up among the week or worked in a single session. For personal study with your spouse it may benefit to break the study into the four sessions for four days using the last 3 days to put into action what was learned. I really like the fact that this study can easily be used at home by a couple or as a couple's small group study. The fact that each study last only 4 weeks and does not require extra material such as DVDs makes it less intimidating than other studies on the market. The other benefit is that this kit is very affordable considering the amount of studies it contains. Although, there is the option to buy the studies individually.

I especially like the format of each session. I found the questions to be thought provoking and sometimes convicting. A person is required to look at themselves in light of God's word. The studies are designed to encourage individual growth and growth as a couple - bringing about a stronger, Christ-centered, confident union.

These studies offer a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your spouse discovering God's design for marriage and becoming more emotionally and spiritually connected with one another.

Thank you Regal Publishing for this kit in exchange for an honest review.

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