Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Going Public, David & Kelli Pritchard

This is an exciting book for parents who are sending their children into the public school system. I read it in one session and really enjoyed it.

Prepare your child for the mission field of public schools. Equip them with the word of God and give the the tools necessary to thrive.

Not everyone has the option or feel compelled to home school. Not every one can afford a private school. However, that doesn't mean all is lost - or that you have no control of the education of your child. This one of a kind book, written by parents of a large family, encourages parents by giving practical ways to prepare your child for public school. The Pritchard's give parents three valuable lessons to instill in their children: (1) love God with all that they are; (2) Obey their parents completely; (3) self-control. Parents will learn what the bible says about education and their roll in the education process.

Although I homeschool our four children I found this book to be interesting. The principles taught are not only applicable for public educated children but for all children. Whether home schooled, private schooled or public schooled all children need to be trained and nurtured in Christ. The will be better prepared for life and confident in whom they believe in.

Excellent resource for any parent. After all, we all must "go public" at sometime, facing issues in the "real world" where the enemy lurks.

Thank you Regal Publishing for this review copy.

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