Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet Mrs. Smith, Anna Smith

Curious about a rock stars wife? Here is the end to your curiosity. Anna Smith, wife of lead singer Martin Smith of the group Delirious? and sister to member Jon Thatcher opens up her life. This is great! It is such an easy and enjoyable read about their life and God's impact. She shares experiences of being a mom of 6 and the joys of all this. She encourages each us to embrace life and our callings in Christ even when life is unpredictable or messy. She speaks to people to embrace the talents and passion that God has placed in them to do the kingdom work with all their strength. There are parts that will make you giggle in this book. Honestly, I could not recall one song this group has sang (this only speaks to my ignorance in this area of particular music, not the groups lack of talent) I now want to listen more closely to the songs I hear. Through this book you are allowed to glimpse the heart of the writers and their passion for the things God has put before them to accomplish.

Thank you B&B for this review copy.

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