Friday, April 27, 2012

Be The One, Charles R. Ambroselli

No one will argue the point that things have gotten darker in the recent days - guns in schools, shootings, killings, abortion, the vast moral decline. This book attempts to offer a strategic plan in which to change the course of this nation from the inside out one at a time. I am in agreement that such a thing needs to happen. In fact it is the thing I teach most often to our youth - one can make a difference. This seems to be a sort of self-help book for those attempting to do such a thing. It was an enjoyable and quick read. I did appreciate that each chapter ends with reflection questions which sets this up as a good book to use with another person as a group study or a church study. It also helps the reader to further examine the information printed in the previous chapter. Be The One is a book that spurs individuals on to make a difference in this world right now - not waiting for others to take the charge. Thanks to B&B for this review Copy.

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