Friday, May 25, 2012

Mom Connection, Tracey Bianchi

Overwhelmed? Out of rhythm? Off course? Lost in the endless cycle of motherhood? Out of touch? This is the book for you. Motherhood is one of those seasons that many enter with false expectations. This book is a great and realistic in it's approach to helping mom's stay connected in this busy time of life. I loved her approach to staying connected and finding a balance and rhythm in this often hectic and tiresome time. It is so easy as a mother to lose focus on the importance of relationships as we juggle being a wife and mother. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom you all have much to manage and juggle. We all struggle with finding the right balance of spending time with our husbands, children and friends and still managing to get done the things written on that ever growing to-do list and re-to-do list (the list that we have to do again and again and again every single day). This author has written a book that is so easy and enjoyable to read that it will quickly bring joy and smiles to a mother's life. I am so glad to have gotten this review copy from Revell.

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