Monday, July 15, 2013

Glimpes of Grace, Gloria Furman

Laundry piled to the ceiling, a teething baby on the hip, a baby on the way, two little ones into everything and the older two picking at each other. Oh, don't forget the never-ending to-do list, dishes, vacuuming, and cooking to be done. Yes, the trenches of motherhood. The long sleepless nights. The correcting of little ones. The endless story time. The work that seems done at the end of the day to be undone before the sun up of the next. Yet - even in this God's grace, His love, His work is in full force and impacting every single mundane, or overwhelming moment along this journey. I am sure if you are a mother you have felt that feeling of desperation creep over you. That deep sigh that leads to tears in the bath tub as you wonder if any of this that you are doing even matters. Whether you stay at home full time, or you work and mother there are moments that you just stop and look up and wonder what impact you are having for God in this world - in these lives. Gloria Furman opens up her heart and her life in this book exposing God's grace and love. Even in the dust on the bookshelves, the piled up laundry, the dishes undone - He is there. Her passion for following Christ and pointing others to His love and the gospel of Jesus Christ is evident in every page. She lays bare her own soul to point the worn out woman with questions to the ultimate helper and healer. This book is laced with sound biblical theology and scripture, but does not appear "preachy". Since Furman is so open and honest in her assessment of her own life experiences, trials, and circumstances she presents a message that is easily read and accepted by any one who picks up this book. Some books like this come off as written by the "perfect woman" and though most readers glean some encouragement the majority close the books feeling less than perfect and far from meeting the mark. Gloria Furman, however, leaves the reader edified, uplifted, built up in Christ and encouraged beyond measure. Although this book is marketed to mothers I believe that this would benefit any woman who picks up a copy. The author has done an excellent job of pointing the reader continually toward Christ. Thank you Crossway for this review copy. What a blessing

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