Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sunday School Changes Everything, Henrietta Mears

This is a must have for every church. I have enjoyed reading this book. The author had a heart for Sunday School, discipleship and biblical teaching that led to the development of curriculum and studies that are still impacting the world today. I have several of her bible studies and use them in our home school curriculum as well as use them at church during our AWANA year and for Sunday School or youth classes. In this book the author breaks down the importance of Sunday school and how it effects the future generations. She puts an emphasis on the uniformity of the entire Sunday School curriculum so that their is spiritual growth based upon building on the foundational truths throughout the Sunday School experience from Nursery to adult. I loved the fact that she offered sections on organizing your Sunday School staff, choosing the right curriculum, grading that curriculum and working toward an end result. There are very informative chapters on each grade level. This is where it would be beneficial to have a training program for Sunday School workers so that they could read and study the age group they would be teaching. Mears offers a wealth of knowledge in how to best reach the age group and to help make Sunday School I life changing positive experience. I would highly recommend this for all church members who work in the Sunday School arena and for all church leaders seeking to make Sunday School a more dynamic time. Thanks to Regal books for this review copy.

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