Friday, January 8, 2010

As Long As We Both Shall Live

Wow! Dr. Smalley has done an excellent job with co-uthor Ted Cunningham in laying out the gaps between ones expectation and un,met expectations in marraige. This book should be required reading for engaged couples. It is also beneficial to married couples as well. The book does an excellent job of exposing the dangers of unmet expectations. It also causes people to look deeply at the affect of your childhood experiences and how they have influenced you as an adult. Alll the points are thoroughly backed up with scriptural references and brought to life by the candidness of Ted and Dr. Smalley. The illustrations clearly demonstrate scripture in practice and how applicable these scriptures are in ones daily walk with your spouse. I would thoroughly recommend this book to all couples if you want to truly understand the impact our expectations have on our married lives and how to reconcile the unmet expectations we face. The book is very easy to read. At times I was amazed at how the applications and illustrations so closely mirrored some of the seasons of my married life. This can truly be a blessing for couples who whoose to reach for a closer walk with Christ and their mate. Again, wow.

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