Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Language of Sex, Gary Smalley & Ted Cunningham

The Language of Sex by Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham
This book is in a very easy to read format. The main point is the development of communication, trust, and security in your marriage relationship. I found through reading it that I became convicted of areas in my marriage relationship and parent to child relationships that needed work. It calls you to do much self evaluation and prayer. As I read I was surprised out how this book for marriage held so many truths that were applicable across the table to all relationships in our lives. I began to realize the impact of our childhood relationships with parents on our future relationship with our spouse. This caused me to immediately enter into prayer about what messages about love, life, self-image, security, true intimacy and , yes even sex and body image I was sending to my four young children. It has always been my prayer that my marriage be reflect ion of God in every aspect and that my children grow to be Godly spouses and to marry Godly mates. This book caused me to take a deep look at my closest relationships and evaluate whether or not I had truly allowed the God of Love and security to have complete control of these relationships. I wish I had read this book earlier on in my marriage. Although I am blessed beyond measure with a Godly husband I realize that we are ALL a work in progress and there is always room for improvement. I better understand the areas I need to look at and address. This book would be helpful to the Pastor who is counseling engaged couples, to the couple that is in engaged, to the newly-wed and that married couple alike. The candid self-disclosure of both authors and the use of God’s living word (and prayer on your part) make this book great. I applaud both authors for being genuine in their disclosures and for seeking to rightly divide the Word of God. I highly recommend this book to those interested in a better relationship all around with their spouse.
Thank you to regal publishing house for providing this book as a review copy.

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