Saturday, January 30, 2010

BE Authentic, Warren Weirsbe

Well done! This is a great resource book. The commentary is easy to read and understand. Often commentaries are intimidating to the average person, filled with theology and difficult to understand ideas. This one is just the opposite. In fact I found it enjoyable to read. This would be an excellent resource for the scholar, pastor, sunday school teacher or parent - anyone seeking to breakdown the word of God in an easy to understand, applicable way. I used this commentary to teach the story of Jacab and Esau to my children,ages 8 and 6. during our bible time at home school. They also enjoyed the reading of this book and seemed to have a better understanding of the story than they had before. I would reccommend this book and the entire series for anyone wanting a sound commentary that is easy to read.


  1. Where did you get this one? It sounds great!

  2. This book came from B&B Media Group as a review book. It is published by Cook Communications. The author has an entire commentary series.