Friday, January 22, 2010

Beyond the Final Score; Tom Osborne

Beyond the Final Score: Tom Osborne

This is a truly enlightening autobiography of a great football coach. If you are an Osborne fan from his coaching days you may find it interesting to see what he has done since then. His influence as a congressman and his experience there is very interesting. The book is laced with the theme of good character and good work ethics being driven from a strong faith in God. I never before realized the time and effort or personal heart put into being a congressman. God has moved a man of integrity from the school room, to a professional athlete, to coaching, through the congress, back to the classroom and to an administrator. Not only has he filled the public roles afore mentioned he has successfully filled the role as husband, father, friend and mentor. Sometimes we take for granted our athletic heros, never looking closely at their lives, simply seeing them as they are portrayed on television. Through this book you are invited into the personal space of a truly influential man of character that is led by a mighty God to accomplish many roles and impact countless lives. I highly recommend this book to any sports enthusiast.
Thanks to Regal publishing for providing this copy to review.

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