Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Game,

Good Game, Shirl James Hoffman
I will be honest in the fact that this is one book I can not seem to get into enough to finish completely. Although I see the author’s well-intentioned point, I find it a little discouraging instead of affirming to those in the sports world today. I see a lot wrong with many aspects of the world today, but I cling to the grace that God has given me and the message that Jesus himself lived out: Instead of pointing out all the wrong in each situation Jesus simply went to the sinner and sat with him, and preached to him where he/she was. Although not conforming to the world he was in the world, in the dirtiest parts, preaching to the dirtiest people, and seeing those redeemed. There seems to be a new legalism sweeping Christianity that poses itself as pure – this seems to be one. To say we must avoid competitive sports (highlighting football as one of these) is not the answer. I have seen in the public school system alone the ability of the gospel to reach the unsaved on these very grounds easier than the classroom setting. A Christian coach has more freedom to proclaim the liberty of Jesus Christ than the classroom stuff – and that his word is powerful when a believer is praying protection over his fellow athletes. I have been in the locker room and heard prayers not to win a game but rather an opportunity to glorify God. Too bad we do not do that more in our work environments too. I look at examples such as Tony Dungy and Mike Singletary that have influenced countless young men for the cause of Christ. Who could forget Tim Tebow the real deal – sports has given him the opportunity to promote the largest Christian agenda out there and to give praise to the Father God who created Man in his image. What about Colt McCoy?? I could name countless others too. This may have turned out to be a better book deeper into it, but for now I must shelve it and come back to it with more prayer. On top of not really enjoying the message I found it to be wordy and at times difficult to read.
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