Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Faith @ Home Resources

Faith Begins at Home, Mark Holmen
Instead of posting a blog on each of the following individually I am combining them into one group: Faith Begins @ Home Prayer, Faith Begins @ Home Devotions, Faith Begins @ Home Dad, and Faith Begins @ Home Mom. These are small 75 page resource books for the family to be used with or without the rest of the Faith Begins @ Home Material. I am so very impressed with the amount of information jam-packed into the 75 pages of easy to read text. Mark Holmen has a heart for transforming the lives of the family today, placing the spiritually training of children back into the hands of the parents. He recognizes the fact that most of today’s middle-aged generation are sadly equipped to “train up a child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”. They attend church, participate in church activities, and make sure their children go to the camps and choirs, and children’s activities. However, most feel in adequate at pursuing worship at home. These books give just the needed resource, encouragement and affirmation to help the parent institute learning about God into their family time. The sections are short and to the point, filled with scripture, life application, prayer ides, devotionals, family activities to cultivate the life of Christ. I recommend these and all other resources in this series. I have not found one that has not been worthy of praise. Thank you Mark Holmen and family for putting into writing the tools needed for today’s busy family.
A special thanks to Gospel Light/Regal Publishing for these review copies!

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