Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chosen, Ginger Garrett

Chosen, Ginger Garrett
This is a captivating retelling of the life of Queen Esther in the form of diary entries. Ginger Garrett does an excellent job of bringing to life a heroine of the bible and by further showing that true beauty is held within ones self, that God shining through someone makes them shine with an inner beauty that does not fade. The strength and wisdom as well as grace and poise of Queen Esther is enough to inspire all young women to strive for excellence in our devotion and obedience to God and those God places in our lives as authority. This book further displays that God’s hand is at work in ways that we do not always understand even when we are placed in situations that we do not like if we are obedient and trust.
I do not agree with all things brought to light – especially that Queen Esther continues to long after another man after she is married to the King. Reading the account in the bible I have always pictured that Esther’s heart was turned toward the king during her preparation time and that she began to truly love him because of God’s love in her. So this “looking outside of her marriage” was a disappointment for me, and I believe that had this been the true case that Esther would not have been as effective in the saving of her people as she truly was.
I do believe that Ginger Garrett is an excellent writer. I admire her style.
Thank you B&B Media Group for providing this copy for review.

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