Monday, March 8, 2010

Chronological Guide to the Bible, Thomas Nelson

Chronological Guide to the Bible, Thomas Nelson
This is a great historical reference that could be easily integrated into any history class. It would be especially helpful in home school settings where study of the bible and history are done jointly. I like the way it is easily divided. It presents both biblical writings and archeological finds that support the bible. I find this to be very interesting and helpful when presenting the bible as a history lesson. The color photographs make the text come alive and make the reading more interesting. Another helpful things is the outline of the books and suggested readings. Anyone wanting to delve deeper into the bible and see how the bible fits together will find this interesting. This makes the study of individual bible stories come alive as one is able to see and understand further the historical settings of the bible. Understanding the culture of the people involved in a bible story makes those stories more real for the student, they begin to see that the bible is not merely penned words but actual events that can be backed up with scientific facts and finds. I recommend this book as a great resource. It is easily adaptable to any translation which makes it especially nice if you want to use it as a teaching tool in a small group setting.
Thank you Thomas Nelson for providing this review copy

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