Monday, March 29, 2010

Glaen, Fred Lybrand

This book is not at all what I expected. It is an excellent resource for mothers of teens and for youth ministers. It is not a typical relationship "self-help" book filled with quick-fix remedies or "how-to miracles". What you find in these pages is a fictional story told from a the unique first person perspective and journal entries. The story has a great story-line, but the information that is packed into the story is even more important. The main character tells her story about her personal search of the key to lasting relationships after her parents divorce. She is led on this journey by a a college professor named Glaen. What she discovers is nothing profound or earth-shattering, but is very useful in day to day relationships. In the prolouge the author encourages the reader to read the book first as a fictional piece then to read it a second time for the principles in it. It is set up so that each page only has half a page of printed material in easy to read font so that there is plenty of room to journal, write prayers and discussion topics. I think this would be useful in a small group environment for a youth group or married couples. It was very enjoyable and an easy read. I completed the book after putting my 4 small children to bed in a matter of a few hours. My copy is marked with scripture that came to mind and personal notes. I plan to use it next spring with my older youth. I also plan to purchase an additional copy for my children to read so that we can compare thoughts when they are of the dating age. I have already recommended it to several friends, one of which is currently reading it and the other is waiting for her review copy.
Thank you B&B Communications for providing this free review copy

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