Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Meeting of the Waters

The Meeting of the Waters, Fritz Kling
This book does a wonderful job of addressing the current issues facing the church. It brings to light so many of the concerns and struggles that Pastors and laymen are dealing with in trying to bridge the generation gap. As a pastor’s wife I have seen first hand the beauty of a church where the older generation willing passes on the torch and embraces the newness of things and the younger generation listens and learns from the older. I have also been witness to the devastation of the collision of these two generations when neither is willing to give or listen to the other. Scripture instructs us to be of one mind. In this exciting book Frizt Kling does an excellent job of exposing the biblical truths necessary to propel the church successfully forward into the future.
I love the title and theme being applied to the Amazon River, this was such a great visual reference to the new generation and the old. The book is filled with applicable examples from the lives of Pastors and Missionaries and biblical advice.
I recommend this book for leaders and church members alike. Let us strive together toward a common goal, being of one mind, pressing forward for the cause of Christ.
Thank you David C Cook and B&B Media Group for providing this free review copy.

About the author: Fritz Kling has spent the past decade in the heart of the global Church, traveling through villages and cities in every corner of the world. In preparation to writing The Meeting of the Waters, Kling spent a year conducting one hour interviews with more than 150 Christian leaders from 19 developing countries. As a foundation executive, he has worked alongside both high-level leaders and grass-roots workers and has an insider’s story to tell. Fritz and his family live in Richmond, VA.

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