Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Gaurd, William Lane Craig

On Guard, William Lane Craig
A timely book as the agenda of false religions are further pressed forward. Christians need to become well-versed in the faith they profess. It does no good to possess a weapon if one does not have the skill and training to use it and to use it effectively. False religions are on the rise because they make a convincing case to the unsaved and weak in faith. This book is a wake up call to Christians to become versed in scripture. Scripture has called us to put on the FULL armor of God and to train up our children in the word. This book offers the insight and knowledge to do just that. This is a must have resource for Pastors and those in positions of leadership and discipleship. It is an excellent book for the Christian seeking to become a “specialist” in the faith. Apologetics is essential in the life of the believers: we must know why we believe what we believe. Each of us will face a time when we will be called to defend our faith, present our case for why Christ is the center of our life, why God is real. Our ability to do so may be the very difference of one soul’s eternal home.
This is a wonderful, well-written book. William Lane Craig did a great job of making his theological knowledge and biblical wisdom easy to read and understand and apply.
Thank you David C Cook and B&B Media for providing this free review copy.

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