Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anna's Song

Sometimes the sweetest worship comes from our children. In their innocence they are uninhibited by legalism, peer pressure, or religious standards. They simply look at God for who He says He is and accepts that as the truth of the matter. They do not question His greatness, His power, His authority, His workmanship. To them He is the I AM! They do not wonder how He came to be, or why He is - they just accept that HE IS! They do not look around to see who is watching, they do not wonder what others may think, they do not hold back - - they come boldly. The trust completely, and find complete joy in His presence, unchecked communion with God himself. And I believe He delights in them. O, that for a moment we could go back - or better yet move forward - past the legalism, the standards the religion that binds us, past our perception of what others might think, back to the basics of unrestrained, pure worship before the Lord.

Anna sang this song around our home for weeks in May 2005 (she would have been 4 years old at the time). She called it Up to God. Finally one day I wrote the words down in my bible:

God's looking down at me
I Sing praises up to God
God is my heart song, is in my soul
God sent his son,
He died on the cross
So I sing praises up to God
If you look up to God
You can sing praises
Whatever song he puts in your heart
I sing praises up to God
I sing praises in my heart
I sing praises up to God!

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