Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hold My Hand

O Father you know I struggle,in this daily life of mine
To study your word, to do your work, to make wise use of my time
You know my ancient enemy sits curled in striking pose
Always in my pathway, right before my toes
O Father you know my struggles within, and the battles without
And though I hold tightly to you, I sometimes look down in doubt
O Father as I step out today, let my stride be confident
Let me cling to the hand of the One that was heaven sent
Your word says you order the steps of righteous men
So, Father, set mine today before my work begins
Father, I can not walk this pathway on my own
For my adversary stalks me to watch when I'm alone
So hide me in your shadow and walk with me still
As I seek you face and try to do your will
And Father should I slip today - Help me take your hand,
Help me regain my footing, help me get up and stand.
Father grand me mercy, much of it I need
Father thank you for salvation and the sower of that seed,
Father, thank you for righteous men whose knees are always bent
whose faithful prayers are echoed as heavenward they're sent
Thank you for your sacrifice, redeeming me in my sin
that cleansing blood that makes me changed from within
So Father, as I begin today and off to battles go
Help me Lord to live my life a reflection of the God I know.

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