Thursday, April 8, 2010


So many hats I have to wear
They've become quite a burden to bear
A wife, a mother, and a friend
then there's others I wear with them
I've got enough that I think I could share
After all that only sounds fair
I'll leave them here beside the road
To relieve at last this heavy load
Perhaps I'll come some other day
if ever again I pass this way
to dust them off and try them on..
but then again they might be gone.
Well, in that case, I'll keep them close
And wear all the ones I enjoy the most
I'll pass the others ones alone
To another who has none
I'll give my thanks for hats to wear,
at least my head's not cold and bare
No more grumbling will I make
For blessings aren't burdens for heavens sake
soon enough the hats that make me frown
will be traded in for a shiny new crown
So many hats have I to wear,
O, what blessing, this load I bear!

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