Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide, Quin Sherer

Wonderful book! Though I do caution that this book is not for a new believer, the undiscipled or those currently not seeking a daily relationship with Jesus Christ. Before studying spiritual warfare one aught to develop a close, thriving, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ from whence ALL authourity flows.

These ladies have completed a thoughtful and scriptural work on spiritual warfare. You can not turn a single page without scripture reference or being presented other quotations from various other authors on this subject. I found the book to be both easy to read and understand as well as enjoyable. It is broken down into easy chapters and the material is presented on a level that anyone can understand.

I love the fact that the first chapter is devoted to the armor of God and its importance. So many times this is forgotten. In fact one of the quotes used reminded me very much of a discusion that a friend and I had on this very matter. Her husband is a marine and he used the reference that many christian run into spiritual battle naked with a weapon drawn that they have no idea how to use. He said this would be like sending an man into battle with no training against the an enemy that has been well trained - yet many christians are just this way.

Great book. Look for it in your local book stores.

Thank you so much regal for this free review copy.

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