Sunday, July 18, 2010

Faith Dare, Debbie Alsdorf

Faith Dare, Debbie Alsdorf
An excellent resource for women’s ministry groups! This would be a great small group bible or personal bible study. I loved all the scripture commentary. So many ladies bible studies are filled with fluff and weak on the word. This one is certainly not. This is set up as a forty day study. However I found that many of these could very easily be stretched through the entire week – if you were committed to pray each day over the same lesson and meditate on it – allowing it to penetrate your heart and life. There is plenty of space for journaling ones thoughts. To make journaling easier there are guided questions. Again this would be great for a small group – as it would add accountability to the dare.
Thank you Revell for the review copy. Pick up your copy where ever Revell books are sold

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