Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rediscovering Holiness, JI Packer

Very good and thoughtful book. My heart almost broke as I came to the full realization of the truth this author was bringing to light: Modern Christians are losing part of our heritage. The heritage of holiness. God charged his people to pass along a heritage deeply steeped in the christian faith. Passing from one generation to the next in words and deed the goodness and character of the God of Creation. Yet somewhere along the line gentile christian have left this off - we can not pass along a heritage we do not ourselves practice. If we do not as individuals strive for holiness in our lives how can we live it out in our families and pass it a long to our children. Have we become so prideful and negligent that we are satisfied just in the sacrifice of Christ and the redemption of our soul that we do not pursue to deepen our spiritual walk by pursuing a life of holiness that befits our relationship with the God of all Creation? Highly reccomended.
Thank You Gospel Light for this copy for review!

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