Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hermie and Friends, Who's In Charge anyway

Max Lucado does it again. This is a wonderful video any child will love. All four of my children enjoyed this movie about the unique talents of the individual. One of the greatest lies perpetually spoken by the Enemy into the heart of children is that they do not matter. In fact it is a lie that many adults are held in bondage to also. A lie that inhibits spiritual growth, thwarts God’s best laid plans, and causes many Christian believers just to settle for second best instead of God’s best. When Freddie the flea hears Hailey and Bailey ask “What’s so important about a flea” he begins to wonder if he in fact is important in the big picture of God’s greater plan. In this beautifully animated children’s film the lie is replaced by the truth that ALL of God’s creation is created for a purpose and that each individual has talents that are special for a reason. Thank you Booksneeze for this review copy.

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