Saturday, August 7, 2010

Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness, Chuck D. Pierce

“Do we have a greater responsibility to honor past generations or to mold new ones?” page 66
This is books is NOT for the new or weak believer. It could easily bring about a spirit of fear in a person not strongly held in their identity in Christ.
The above question really is the driving point of this book. What is important to you? In reading it one must be willing to take a close prayerful look at ones life. You must be ready to examine areas of sin in your life and areas of sin in your family (your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) looking for those things that are the same in many generations. It is an excellent resource and guide to identifying strongholds of the enemy in your life and your families. Backed by scripture I found it both informative and convicting. Does poverty or financial hardship plague your family – does it seem like you just can’t get caught up, that you live from pay check to pay check? This book clearly points out in scripture where this is directly linked to the sin of withholding your tithe (stealing from God). Once this sin is confessed and you change your life you enable God’s blessing in your income. Do you suffer from health problems, constant pain, chronic fatigue, depression, or worry? These are also may be rooted in the sin of your household or the sin of your parents. In this book you can see how un-confessed sins such as idolatry (clearly defined in this book: It may surprise you), witchcraft/occult activity (also may surprise you), pornography, sexual sin (adultery, immorality), violence, watching inappropriate things on television and movies (language, sex, violence), or any other thing contrary to God’s word influences your children and grandchildren – leaving them open to an attack of the enemy. This book teaches through scripture how to be freed and overcome these things.
We are in a battle! You must ask yourself the question quoted above. Being a bible reading, pew-sitting, preacher listening, verse quoting Christian does nothing unless you put action to your faith. You may be a born again and blood bought but have you stepped out of the broken bonds and stepped through the prison doors to freedom? Faith is nothing without action!
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