Sunday, July 18, 2010

To those Who Suffer, Sean Nolan

This book is a great book for those that are walking in a valley of suffering, be it physical or emotional. By drawing heavily on the example of Job Nolan explores the blessings of suffering. Although God may not remove our suffering Nolan points out that God still has a plan for us and that in the end our blessings will be great. Paul suffered a thorn in his flesh that he asked to be removed, yet it was not. In the end he tells believers to count it joy and to be content in all things. Job is said to have been blessed more in the end than in the beginning. As Sean Nolan has also been in intense suffering and pain and has questioned God, he leads readers through the scripture God showed him to help him better endure the circumstances of his life. I especially enjoy the teaching that suffering can cause a person to lean more heavily on Christ, developing a more intimate knowledge of the power of Christ and of a life lived in Christ. This is an excellent book for this first time author. Very well written.
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