Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Big Book of Christian Growth

I am using this excellent resource in home school bible time for my older children. It is divided into 4 convenient to use sections: Active Games (great for morning P.E. times), Quiet Games and Activities (great for rainy day or too hot to go outside day recess times), Instant Games (games that require almost no prep), and Discussion Cards (an excellent memorization starter). I choose one verse or discussion cards set a week. My older children incorporate this verse into their penmanship/writing time so as to commit the verse to memory. Each Discussion Card is a verse with 18 discussion cards or questions with it. On Monday we review the verse and I assign the first of the discussion cards as personal work. Later that day, after having time to think on the verse and the assigned questions, we discuss them and the answers the children have thought of. In this way the children are learning to read the scripture and pray asking for discernment and wisdom. They are also being taught to commit to heart the word of the Lord. By writing it out they commit the verse quickly to memory and practice good writing and sentence structure skills. By reading the verse and questions out loud they enhance their vocabulary, speech and reading skills. I do the same on the following days, lastly giving a “quiz” on the verse where the children are required to recite the verse and tell how they can use the verse in their life (giving them wisdom, not simply head knowledge, but heart knowledge of the scripture and confidence that they can in fact use scripture in life). I am excited to continue using it with my children. They have enjoyed it thus far. I will also be recommending it to the new Sunday school teacher for this age group as a supplement to the curriculum that they choose to use. The games are great ice-breakers and offer ways to introduce scripture (the Discussion cards or scriptures of your choice) in an active, fun way. This is a very solid resource to have on hand. Great for the family, the home school mom looking for something affordable, adaptable and different for bible time, and for the church setting!
Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy. Your dedication to provide excellent resources is appreciated.

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