Saturday, August 7, 2010

THe Big Book of Read Aloud Stories

Book of Read-Aloud Stories #2
I love this!! What an excellent resource. I am using this for home school bible curriculum once a week. I present the lesson on Monday mornings to my children ages 9, 6, 3, and 2 (I also have one a present to my older children). Even though the ages listed are for 2 – 5 year old my older children enjoyed the stories as well. The scripture are short enough for children to memorize throughout the week. They really enjoy the “real-life” stories and the pictures. Each story has suggested questions that really serve as starters for discussion, especially with my older two. We discuss how the scripture can be applied to our lives. I am recommending it for our church, but am highly recommending it for home devotions, and home school bible time. These lessons are easy and practical, they do not require much prep (other than getting a few optional items to glue to the coloring pages), and they do not take much time. They would be great for the busy family to incorporate into their schedules and allow special family time as you study God’s word together.
Thank you Regal Publishing for this review copy and your dedication to the Lord to equip families and church with such biblically based resources!

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