Friday, September 10, 2010

For Time and Eternity, Allison Pittman

This is a wonderfully written book. It is very obvious the amount of time and research this author put into this book to present a historically as well as religiously correct view of the time and happenings. I found the story to be very powerful in the fact that it shows how easily we can be led astray from the true teaching of Jesus Christ to false religions based on man's interpretations and desires. This is the case with the main character Camilla who so desires to be a part of something where she feels that she matters and is beutiful and loved. Many years and trials and tragedies brings this prodigal daughter full circle to the realization that what she has fallen into "Is not true" (p124). This is a devastating fact that she must face - and the realization that her own desires and the desires of one man's love was the driving force to leave behind what she knew to be the truth. Good read
Thank you Tyndale for the review copy.

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