Friday, September 17, 2010

Making Waves, Lorna Seilstad

Okay! Who would’ve guessed the ending?! I found this book to be very interesting and can imagine that many young women have felt just like this girl. Marguerite Westing is a feisty young girl – her daddy’s baby. I like the fact that she is a dreamer and wants to push the edge in exploration of her talents and abilities. She has a true heart for adventure that is stifled by her mother’s desires for social standing and good marriages. Maybe you have been there – out on that date with the boy your mom thinks is “the perfect match for you”. This is where our central character finds herself. I could not help but laugh as she is day dreaming about being any where other than with him the whole while he is talking. I know I was there at least once in my life – as a I asked myself why anyone would think this person where a perfect match. In the midst of all this there are twist and turns as everyone’s true characters are revealed. This book most certainly keeps you on edge and the ending is wonderful!
What an adventure! Truly a story about making waves!
Thank you Revell for this review copy!

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  1. Abbie, thank you for your great review of MAKING WAVES! I so glad you enjoyed the book and look forward to sharing A GREAT CATCH with you in May! Thanks again for taking the time read and post about the book. Lorna Seilstad