Monday, September 20, 2010

The Least Among You, DVD

The Least Among You, DVD
Inspired by the true story of Rev. Dr. Charles Marks this is an emotionally charged movie with wonderful characters. The central character Richard Kelly, played by Cedric Sanders, is serving out a probation sentence at an all white seminary. His character is one filled with turmoil and strong emotions barely restrained. He has fought to better himself and to lift his family out of the gang-infested ghetto lifestyle they are in. He comes from a single parent home where his only memory of his father is drunkenness and beatings. His mother, now desperately ill, had struggled to lay a foundation of faith for Richard and to inspire him to greater things that those that surrounded him.
After being arrested in the Watt’s Riots Mr. Kelly finds himself at a seminary as the first black student. His heart not truly in it for God, bitterness, unforgiveness and anger drive him. However, he soon comes face to face with the grace and love of God in some unlikely allies.
In the end he must decide to follow God or to follow his own path.
This is a wonderful movie, though I would not recommend it for young children.
Thank you Thomas Nelson for this copy for review.

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