Monday, September 20, 2010

Follow, Floyd McClung

Follow, Floyd McClung
Powerful, inspirational, moving! It seems that God is inspiring a new realm of writers – those testifying of the life-changing power of God. This author gets straight to the heart of the matter, calling readers to examine their lives and thoughts about God. I love the direct manner he uses and the grace that is evident in his writing. If a person can read this book and continue in an apathetic, lukewarm, unefentful relationship with Jesus there may be a true heart issue. Floyd McClung addresses the very topics that American Christians need to look closely at. I think this is a must read for those seeking to lead a life consumed by God and led by His hand – for His glory on the mission field of life. If you are seeking to break free from religion, tradition and the chains of doctrinal rules – this is the book for you. Live in the liberating freedom of Christ’s calling – a life on the edge.
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