Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flight Plan, Lee Burns & Braxton Brady

This is an exciting book!!! I wish they had one in print that made becoming a woman of God as exciting sounding - more of a battle or mission than matrimony and motherhood. Although, being a woman is a good thing - and I am blessed every moment by the above mentioned things.

This book addresses the journey from boyhood to manhood through the eyes of being a pilot on a mission. Reading it my imagination was awakened and I longed for this adventure. Truly it caters to that very need of adventure, battle and purpose that each young boy is hardwired with from the beginning.

Each chapter is opened with a quote from a movie, famous or influential person. This sets the mode for the ensuing chapter. Each stage of life is addressed as a great adventurous mission to be undertaken with God as the Pilot. It clearly sets out a plan or directive that gives purpose and a goal to be met. It has interesting points marked by what look different shaped award patches.

Also every chapter offers a true story of a pilot or other person on a mission and what made this mission a success. One of my favorite was the introduction for parents: The story of the B-17 Flying Fortress "Memphis Belle" who returned from one mission "bullet-ridden.../" and "...her tail nearly shot off..." isn't this an accurate picture of parenthood - don't we feel some days like we have been in the battle for our lives as we fall into bed "bullet-ridden" and exhausted - and somehow God repairs us through our prayers and study of His word so that we are able to go to battle one more time??

At the end of each chapter there are questions for reflection and discussion. These would be wonderful conversation starters for a son and dad...who better to be on mission with than your own father? These questions give the boys a time to apply all that was taught in the preceding chapters and to examine their hearts and see where they need more "training" or preparation.

I really, really loved this book. After reading it I found myself with a renewed excitement about being blessed enough to have boys that will begin this journey. Though it is scary and intimidating, as all military missions are; and though the enemy sets at the door waiting for the chance to ambush - this is a mission that must be taken. And scripture clearly says with Him our boys are more than conquerors. With a clear flight plan, a clearly stated directive, a goal in their hearts eye, and adequate training our boys will become battle ready.

GO Boys!! I am your biggest cheerleader - defend that which God has set out for you. Steady your hearts, prepare for battle, dive into this mission of becoming Godly men with passion and fervor - determined to reach your goal and to forfeit nothing to the enemy, refuse to be taken captive by his lies, held in bondage by him!! Go forth with the Lord - You are our next leaders. You are the hero's of the next generation! Young ladies need you to take up this mission and defend their hearts, stand strong for their God-given roles - They need you to be the Godly men He intended you to be - to possess your rightful authority and to use it in accordance to His word and will!

Thank you B&B Communications for this review copy in exchange for an honest review.

I recommend this to youth workers of young men for use as small group study, for a small group study with fathers and boys (what better excuse to have father/son hunting, fishing, tenting, outdoor adventure trips!), and most of all for personal study with your son, grandson, or young boy that you mentor.


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