Friday, November 19, 2010

Rock-Solid Kids, Larry Fowler

If you are familiar with the AWANA program you may be familar with Larry Fowler, the executive director of program and training. He has other books written on ways to educate and equip parents to apply spiritual truth at home. This book takes the problem of lack of spiritual training head on. He addresses it with out apololgy and exposes the problems of both the church and the individual home. The main focus being that parents have abdicated their God-given responsibility of spirtitual training to the church and the church has stepped in with open arms to take this responsibility. Larry shows the danger in this is that it is against the scriptural basis of training children up in Lord. He goes on to show that the church should work with parents to educate and empower them through the scripture to reinforce what is learned in church and to encorporate spiritual training at home.

I really enjoyed this book and think it would be an excellent resource for all workers and leaders in the church. I think this issue needs to be addressed and the battle waged to save the foundation of families. Our families are worth fighting for and those that are specialized (or chosen of God - placed in those ranks) need to be equiped for the battle. Our battle is for the eternal desitiny of young children. Parents and church need to work together for the good of children. Parents need again to take the forfront and lead the battle with the church acting as the support system and encourager.

Larry Fowler raises excellent arguments and even more excellent solutions based on scripture. He shows parents and churches through application how to work together to accomplish the common goal.

A must have resource for parents and church workers.

Thank you Regal for this review copy.

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