Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My John 3:16 Discovery Book, Knowing, Growing, Showing; Robert J. Morgan

This is the workbook much like Lola Mazola's Happyland Adventure. Although the items are idependent of one another I would recommend both at the same time. Once a child has read the story book they will enjoy this workbook. Or if you have older children this is ideal for them.

In order to review it I kept having to go get it from my 9 year old's room. Everytime I would lay it down she would pick it up.

It is as thourough and concise as the story book, but written for older children.

I am so impressed with this authors ability to break this verse down and present it in a logical way that children understand.

This book has three sections of salvation to explore:
(1) Knowing - coming to know Jesus: who he is, what he did for us, why we need him. This section Has two stories and worksheets. In the worksheet part other verses in Romans and other books are brought out to show our need for a Savior.
(2) Showing - Baptism. Again there is a short story and verses and worksheets. This helps a child understand what baptism is and what it signifies and why we follow a confession and prayer with this public act of obedience.
(3) Growing - how to grow in your christian walk. I Love the acrostic given to help the children remember the steps to christian growth. This is by far the lengthiest section in the book, having 7 areas. Each one has a short story followed by activities and additional scripture to be completed.

The book has helpful pages for parents.

Again - this is an excellent gift....a must have for young children who are asking questions about God, Jesus, salvation, and baptism. A book they will enjoy working through and that will help them dig deep into God's word to learn His truths.

This book was provided as a review copy by B&H Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for this copy.

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