Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fearful to Fearless, Jeff Kusner

This is a new author, I recieved this book directly from him in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for the review copy.

I am very impressed with this book. Jeff Kusner has put much effort and research into finding most of the verses of the that deal with fear. The book is broken into three areas: Fear not, Don't Worry, and Fear God. Each section opens with a main verse then a short devotional followed by pages of verses for the topic. The devotionals were very applicable and easy to read. His writing style is relaxed and therefor enjoyable. The verses are taken from different translations and one paraphrase (The Message).

I think the work is very thourough and complete. A person that reads this can not help but feel the peace of God as the truth is being revealed to them. I really did enjoy this book and highly recommend it as a resource to keep on hand when one feels the pull of fear. The word is always a comfort, and truth silences the attacks of our enemy.

Jeff Kusner has compiled a list of verses that lead a person to freedom from the bondage of fear and worry while teaching them the freedom of reverentual fear of God.

The only problem I had was the use of The Message: as I do not believe that this paraphrase always holds true to the original language or true meaning of a verse. I do realize this is a popular book and is being used more and more in mainstream christian writing. However, it is dangerous because it is in fact just a paraphrase and is not a translation from original documents and language. People that do not know this, or new christians, take for granted they are reading something translated from the original documents and that it is therefor true. I think disclaimers need to be posted when this is used.

Thank you Jeff Kusner for your work on this book. I believe it will bless and help many people. Thank you for your willingness to follow the lead of God and use your talents to bring glory and focus on him.

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