Thursday, November 18, 2010

START! The Bible for New Believers

This NKJV bible is excellent for the new believer. I think that it would be a great investment for churches who present a bible to new converts at baptism. I am very glad to have it on my shelf as an additional study bible and resource for myself and my children.

The bible comes in paperback (the least expensive binding), hardcover, and leather/imitation leather. This makes the bible very affordable for just about anyone.

I really enjoyed the commentary that was included. Especially how there were sections labeled Grow which show the displines of christian living shown in verses. Also there is a box labeled Live, these highlighted verses that showed the different aspects of salvation. Another was Learn: this would highlight certain passages that deal with an individuals spiritual growth.

A new christian is no longer left in the dark as how to study the bible. There is finally one to place in their hands that will signifigantly help them as they begin this journey of christianity. They will not be left to wonder what certain verses mean or how they apply to their lives. The Grow, Know, Live and Learn message boxes bring out the relavence of scripture so that individuals move past a head knowledge to a heart knowledge and a love for Christ that helps them grow in a personal relationship.

A radically wonderful, life altering, start for any new believer. I highly recomend it for any new believer in your life - it would be an excellent gift!

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