Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob (Vol.1), Brooks Olbry

This book is meant to inspire children to believe in themselves and their dreams. Children are invited to travel with Bob as he searches for his purpose in life by asking several different sea creatures before coming to an old turtle. Although my 9 year old did not care for the book the other three younger children did enjoy it when she read it to them. I like the simple rhyming language and colorful illustrations. I do not think this is a christian book as the theme is to follow what makes you happiest in life. After reading this I took time to stress that what makes us happiest in life ought to go hand and hand with Christ's will for our lives, for in this is true contentment. The principles set forth are based on the success philosophies of certain men - such principles are not necessarily wrong if they are balanced with biblical teaching.

Over all this is an enjoyable read. My younger children really liked it and especially enjoyed the illustrations of all the likable sea creatures.

Thank you Brooks Olbrey for this copy of your book for review.

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