Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mubu & Mu-Mu, Peter Alexander

This book is a delightful find and a treasure! It is based on the true life experience of Lek Chailert of Thailand who has a rescue habitat for animals. My older children liked this book more than my 2 and 3 year olds mainly because of the length. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and make the story come to life. Anna (my nine year old) really enjoyed the story of Mubu taking in the gibbon and helping to heal it. I think she was sad when Mu-Mu the gibbon had to go back into the wild but was satisfied when the two reunited later on. What I found absolutely wonderful was the follow-up to the story. There is information on gibbons: where they live, the different types of gibbons, what they eat and their families. Following this is an account of Lek Chailert's (Mubu) life and interesting things about her. To close out the book there is a letter to children from Lek Chailert inviting them to email their animal stories to her and telling them that she grew up loving animals.

I did not put this book back on our general bookshelf, but rather put it with our animal books under science. I think that it will be an excellent book for homeschool when we are studying different animals and the people who work to save certian species.

I am looking forward to the other books that are going to be published in this series as are my kids.

You can order a copy of this book from www.kennebec7.com or www.trafford.com or by email at orders@trafford.com.

Thank you Trafford Publishing and Peter Alexander for this free review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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