Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Book That Made America: How the Bible Formed our Nation, Jerry Newcombe

I did not know that in 1983 President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation stating " recognition of the contribution of the Bible on our Repulic and our people do hearby proclaim 1983 the Year of the Bible in the United States. I encourage all citizens, each in his or her own way, to re-examine and rediscover its priceless and timeless message."

This interesting and highly christian statement was somehow shuffled away in the teaching of Ronald Reagan that I received in school. Somehow this information is still lost in the public school rooms - forgotten by those old enough to remember it.

I learned so much while reading this book. What a treasure of information! I closed this book more committed to my home school effort with my children. I was also more confident in the curriculum we had chosen to use: McGuffey Primers and the New England Primer (used for recitation and memorization), Rays Arithmetic, and the 1823 Websters that uses ample scripture in word definition. Through this book it is clearly evident the impact public education has in reinforcing a persons world view (whether biblical or not) and their later life decisions. At one time a biblical worldview was central to education.

This book is rich with information on our christian roots and heritage. I believe it would benefit everyone to read it. America sadly enough has a rising generation that is blind to the deep, rich christian heritage that shaped this nation.

This book will help parents to teach their children the christian roots of American History so they are better equipped in life.

I dare say this is a gem - a christian home schooler's dream history resource; and a public school parent's resource to developing a healthy biblical worldview.

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