Wednesday, December 22, 2010

With My Rifle by My Side, Kimberly Jo Simac

This is an excellent children's book. The easy verse and beautiful pictures make it very enjoyable to children in elementary and pre-elementary ages. I like the fact that while telling a story it teaches children about bearing arms. The lesson is that it is a right granted in the constitution, but is a right with responsibility. I think the over all message teaches children that the right to bear arms is special: to protect our homes and land, to hunt - and that this right came at a price. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the author to add many useful tools for parents in the back of the book. These include a page on gun safety tips, names of gun organizations and programs and a copy of the second amendment. As a home school mom I found this to be extremely useful as an additional resource for use in history and government. Although it is written for younger children, it may be used for high school or junior high in the help of understanding this amendment. The simple way it is presented makes it extremely nice.
Special thanks to Nordskog Publishing for this review copy. I further recommend their other books in print as they are a publishing striving to provide books and resources to promote a biblical worldview. Home school families would greatly enrich their libraries by adding these books to their shelves.

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