Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Battleof Lexington, A Sermon & Eyewitness Narrative

I found this to be extremely interesting. Forced to memorize battle dates, outcomes, and commanders in high school I often sunk into the muck of memorization for the purpose of passing a test. History so often was just that - an impersonal memorization of dates. I have long been fascinated by the personal side of history - taking to heart God's command for Israel to pass down from generation to generation the works of the Lord (their history). I believe hidden behind the dates and outcomes lie important and overlooked details of God's provision and love - and lessons that must be taught and learned from.

The Battle of Lexington would have meant more to me had I had this book as a high school student. I would have done more than memorize the date and outcome. Like the diary of Anne Frank is required reading when studying the horrors of the Holocaust and Hitler's frightening rise to communistic power - so should this book be required reading when studying the American History.

Within this sermon and the eyewitness account are hidden deep spiritual truths that are foundational to every persons very life. A young reader is invited to experience firsthand the atrocities of war and the price of liberty. They are invited to see the Jehovah-Nissi (The Lord is my banner) shine in battle as His provisional security and grace is accomplished in the midst of innocent bloodshed. One can not but help feel a wave of patriotism well up inside as you read this amazing sermon. It is as applicable today as it was in 1776 - Jonas Clark calls his people to repent and acknowledge God's sovereign reign, to accept the Lord's chastisement for wrongs, and to take hope in God's promise of deliverance in the midst of terrible times.

I will say that I recommend this highly for high school and maybe junior high. The language and content may be more difficult for a young elementary age student to fully take in and appreciate. I look forward to having my children memorize parts of this sermon and the included poems as part of their history.

Thank you Nordskog Publishing for this review copy.

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